Modern Day Slavery
The Mark Of The Beast
  RFID microchip better known as the veri-chip 
implanting humans with or without consent in the USA.

2017, I thought slavery was a thing of the past? The slave chip has been created (rfid micro chip) and people are being forced into slavery others sex slaves people are being fooled. It's just another form of control. So how is it that the slave chip is a good thing?
 Destroy The Slave-chip In America
               There are a group of people planning to take over the earth. Before they do they want too control it and turn everyone into slaves.                     
 I am U.S citizen and a father of two, living in america. My children are a victum's of morden day slavery now that the rfid micro chip is on the market . It was said the day would come where everyone will have to get the mark. This is affecting are nation and are communities people all over the world.  
"The Mark Of The Beast"
                       --The Slave Chip-                               
 After they put gates up ( Big Walls ) we'll be forced to be slaves. America is thier first target every child that's born will be introduce to the "MARK OF THE BEAST" Slavechip. Even are soilders who fight for are country's will be under control if we let this go on any longer.
Every country, everyone's land, and every person is in danger. The system is being destoyed they are trying to shut down our goverment and rebuild our econmic system  by introducing "CREDITS" Controlled by computers everyone will be forced to get the slavechip. They say money is the root of all evil and they are burning it up! 
All over the world slaves are being bought and sold. Researchers have found out a long time ago that the goverment has put these chips in prisoners there are already pattens for the chip, have you heard of "HALO" soon they will be being putting these chips in new borns at hospitals all over the world. Terrorist are putting slave chips in people's right arm and calling it "The Mark Of The Beast" Slaves are being sold everyday even in America.
The word slavechip speaks for itself "Slave" Meaning people being converted into slaves. Let's talk about the other have of the word "Chip" Which is a computer micro chip a rfid a state of the art tracking device. RFID transponder encased in silicate glass contains ID number, medical history, criminal record, medications, allergies, and also  contact informtion and can be used as a tracking device.  It has been written no one can buy or sell anything with out this slavechip "mark of the beast" you can not buy a home, car, clothes, not even grocries you won't even be payed for work  if you don't have one of these chips better known as the slavechip. Virginia is a place that is against RFID chips deining leagalization to chip humans. RFID chips are illeagal to put in employees in Wisconsin, California, and North Dakota they have issued senate bill 362 in 2007 prohibits anyone forcing to have a chip under their skin. April 5th 2010 Georgia, Atlanta the senate passed bill 235 making it illeagal to implant people with the microchip a ban on implanting humans. The slavechip has been around since the 80's now the U.S military wants to implant soldiers This chip is made to control people like a slave, it was quoated by a man who works for the U.S Navy that it might help pervent crime, gun control, stop the drug trade which is great  no one wants to be forced into slavery, forced  into satanic beliefs,  why would you want something called the mark of the beast  incerted into your forehead or your arm . Like a lot of thing's on the market the slavechip has health risks including cancer and psychological stress. It is also quoated "If you don't get this slavechip you will be killed". I am perfectly sane and if all these testimonies referring to the slavechip is true, the slavechip is a very bad thing terrorists are trying to end the world "REVALATIONS". It has been said  Revalations is the end of the world according to the bible. The men behind the slavechip are paranoid  and want to detroy the C.I.A in Washington DC also in the United Kingdom because "one stated they are to nosie and don't want to get cought he also don't want them to interfer with his plan" -GOVERMENT SHUTDOWN- these men have threatened are goverment. This slavechip is not only forcing religon, but also forcing you to obey your slave ower. Why would it be named the slavechip and nicknamed the mark of the beast, why would people be forced to have one.      Think about it!
It's a form of control, why bring back slavery, who will be able to own slaves and who will be a slave owner? Is it a form of devil worshiping? The devil and his disiplse's.
Read revelations in the bible chapter 13 verses 13 thru 18 it speaks about the mark of the beast there. This must be were the man who created the slave chip got the idea from. What if you refuse this slave chip " the mark of the beast " it clearly states in the bible you will be killed. It has something to do with computers. YES, the number 666 is translated in hebrew www which researchers today believe that it refers to the internet "THE WORLD WIDE WEB" it also has to do with being controlled by computers are economy, changing money into credits. which credits are controlled by computers. If you remember a few years back, 1999 when people thought the world might end it was -STATED THAT- "The computers would shutdown, others said computer's would run the world that they were the work of the DEVIL" . Revelations according to the bible is the last days these men who created the slave chip referring to it as the mark of the beast are trying to end the world, relive the bible or maybe they  just need to see the phychologist. Obviously these group of men have satanic beliefs this is not just the the navy or the military trying to keep things under control. Why would these people keep referring to the bible labeling this rfid chip the mark of the beast? Would you believe me if i told you they are putting these chips in our women and children right here in america under a form of control forcing them to obey. Threatening people's lifes not to say anything covering it up lying to people ever day with some poor excuse on why they would put a thing called the mark of the beast  slave chip an rfid micro chip  in someone's arm. Telling people we have to start getting ready incase of a war or some kind of disaster when the same people who are saying this is the one's starting the war causing these disaters to happen. All over the globe it's happening know converting people into slaves 2017 soon people will be forced to get the rfid miro chip if something is not done about it. Rumor has it if you don't get this chip you will die if you don't obey you will be killed.   I have found out through special resources and research that these men who created the slavechip  plan is going in full affect in 2020 when people all over the world will be forced to have a slavechip under control. Take heed now reseach it for yourself dont just take my word for it and do something about it tell a friend spread the word so that we could all get together and help save the world " STOP THE TERRORISTS "

One of the creator's of the slave chip (Vincent Van Gystel) is claiming  it is illeagl to put it in anyone but is not illeagl to sell the rfid micro chip better know as the slave chip Vincent also has an article in time magizine on the chip it took him 15 years just to  bring it out on the market. This slavechip is being sold on the blackmarket to wealthy peolpe, mercenairs, high tec crimanals bussiness men and corporations putting them in people without knowlegle of even knowing they have been chiped against their own will, without an individuals consent everyday all across the globe terrorists are buying and selling people. Some people request this chip others buy it the mark of the beast. Scientists and researchers have proven the chip could enhance the mind it could also destroy it. In California the law is slavery is illeagal this will be the 87th year to celebrate NO SLAVERY. In Sacramento California they are putting slave chips in people's right now. Scotland 2009 someone discovered they were putting slavechips in prisner's. The  Philippinens it was said the pope francis visited with the mark of the beast "Slavechip" even in the philippines people are being forced to get the mark in their foreheads and hands places like Manila and province of Leyte. My Two children and the child's mother have a slave chip in them they were raped and forced to be sex slaves. I was reading the muslim newspaper in 2015 read..." 300 children were kidnapped in africa" Adults and children are disappearing everyday missing people all over the world in most cases auducted from thier family and turned into sex slaves. Terrorism is happening all over the globe pay attention to the news another terrible event suscide bomings, car bomings, now ISIS if it ain't one thing it's another the time is now to do something about it.
People are killing eachother everyday around the world, another tragedy when you watch the news. We came so far from riding horse's, to driving cars, flying airplanes tecnology is advancing we've evolved throughout time overcoming slavery which was an historical event, women are now treated equal and African American's gain their right's why turn back know. It's time to protect are futures and prepare for thing's like gobal warming, a world war , a civil war, natural disasters, and new world order. We all live on this earth together we must take care of the land and respect one another. Think of tending a garden, a person takes time out of his or her day to watch over, water, also feed a garden, in a since we must do the same with the earth. Don't destroy the earth help save the world all it takes is a little tender, love and care.  
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