Modern Day Slavery
The Mark Of The Beast
  RFID microchip better known as the veri-chip 
implanting humans with or without consent in the USA.


There are hundred's of people a year being trafficked, bought and sold turned into personal sex slaves and introduced to hard labor.
Here in the Capital of California, Sacramento the system is rapidly changing the economic system, are schools, churches and the law enforcement. Children now days right here in sacramento are forced to learn a whole new way of education in many different  schools.They are putting slave chips in are kids top secretly making it harder for them to focous. Their are many different christian churches that are changing. Christians, catholics, jews all different type's of reilgons are starting to convert more and more each day. These terrorist who are invading are goverment are threating to shut us down  trying to put america out of businss by introducing credits instead of cash so they can control us on computers. Stealing america's money this just is not going on in america it's happenning all over the globe. I was watching the news about two years ago and the news caster had stated: Washington DC was shuting down ( GOVERMENT SHUTDOWN ). It was shut down for a weeks. The group of men are planning an attack on Washington DC threating to bome our goverment if they don't obey threating to start United Nations New World Order and turning america into a third world country putting up gates around the boarders so that we are trapped in and controled by soilder's. Stopping us from getting in and out the country by shuting down transportation, the airports, train stations, and also buses. Law enforcement are being converted to mind reading police some are soilder's from england and australia posing as police officers right here in sacramento crocked agents working under cover putting slaves chips in are people, men, women, and children turning them into slaves so the police could read their mind these terrorist are refering to people as slaves. Even the local jails are controlled by soilder's posing as cops from england and australia. Now that the Mark Of The Beast " SLAVE CHIP " is on the market human trafficking is at it's all time high world wide. We came so far to end slavery why bring it back now? Thier are merciares, crocked agents, and terrorists putting slave chips in humans and selling them to weathy people on the black market in places like America, England, Great Britian, and Astraullia putting them in dungeons forceing them into hard labor and making them sex slaves the terrorists must be stopped and slavery needs to end.

No one likes to be lock behind gates and told what to do, when to eat, striped  away from thier everyday lives, family and friends forced into hard labor and made into someone's sex slave. “


Leave your information below so we can help save the world together. End slavery, destory the slave chip, and stop terrorism tell a friend spread the word  get involed!