Modern Day Slavery
The Mark Of The Beast
  RFID microchip better known as the veri-chip 
implanting humans with or without consent in the USA.

It's happening now!

2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019 - 2020
 Right in front of your face a bold face lie must be the work of the devil the device was nick named the mark of the beast lead people to believe it is the wave of the future, It will prevent crime, also help with border control the fact  it is one dirty trick to destroy the economy, take away are freedom, be convented into modern day slaves, and be controlled on computers. A catchy phase that was used was  "Get rid of the flitchy dollar bill" saying it would make things more conveniet by introducing credits got them hooked. The men who created this chip hide behind The Navy, Secret Service, The CIA , Ayran Brothers ,The Head,  Big Brother with thier big speechs and presentations trying to convince people we need this RFID micro chip inserted into are flesh to keep terrorist  out of are countrys and help keep are neighborhoods safe. This chip has plenty different names, The Slave Chip,The Verichip, some say it's a human bar code, The Mark of the Beast   and to believe the rfid micro chip is refered to as something that repersents the devil the number 666 has been tied in to the internet WWW the world wide web. Computers controlling people like slaves, Money replaced by credits the root of all evil, the devil in control. Said it has been tagged in the bible the mark of the beast (RFID micro chip/ Slave Chip) the trurth the man behid this chip is a devil worshipper claiming he is the Devil trying to relive revelations him and his friend whom refers to himself as a Sin A God of Satan, they will brand everybody with the mark of the beast ( Verichip ) put the world under a form of control using mind reading police to read slaves minds (People) also mind reading soliders better known as United Nations THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

It's happening right here in Sacramento, California some of the leaders of the rfid micro chip (Slave chip) are holding convention at tons and tons of locations top secretly presenting the chip as a state of the art equipment lying to the people coming from upper class and middle class  neighborhoods telling them the luxurys of being branded with the mark of the beast not only are these navy pucks and secret servive punks who are behind it  a poor excuse for being in America and on this earth they are members of illuminati  ruunning the show telling everybody it will keep their neighborhood safe no more crime, no terrorist attacks, it would save the trees, unlimited credits they go on for ever this chip could even open up your thrid eye make you more intelligent. The devils will tell you anything to brand you with the mark of the beast. 
Right now the slave chip is being indrotuced to the public as you read these publication another person with the mark of the beast.  Everyday their are thousands across the world who are cursed with the mark of the beast soon everyone will have the mark if something is not done now.  Their has been many news flashes warning you about the mark and it's all over the internet. Some people are required to get this rfid micro chip from their job even thou it is illeagal to put it in any humans, others have this Slavechip and don't even know someone put it in them.
In some cases I seen people request this chip for security for their home, car, even bank accounts. Money is not the main source to use for purchasing any more now that they have visa, credits soon people will be able to purchase by just a scan of the hand.  Now they are introducing credits right here in Sacramento, California. Credits can be used just like cash everybody's using them now a days.
Their are other places in the world that use credits like Switzerland,  Hong Kong, Hawaii
Places like the Philippines, Isreal, Scotland, Asia, America, all over the world these terrorist are putting this slave chips in people an RFID micro chip they use to control people like a slave buying and selling people on the black market. Selling them as sex slaves, forcing people into labor, controling people's lives, this slave chip (RFID micro chip) was designed to make humans stupid ( The African race ) when it was first created to force them into hard labor so they won't be able to read, write, learn only good for musle straight hard labor and to obey the slave controller. Africans are not the only people they put them in now a days every race is prone.